10 February 2011

to asmaryna kamarudin..

oke entry kli nih i tulis utk you dear..

lets started..
I understand that you're feeling .. it is very difficult to forget the people we love, who had been in the hearts of you for 3 years, which is always there with you ... he always love you, miss you, and you need ..
but ..
should we wait for someone like that? that he knows only offend you and make you hurt ... He never thought about the feelings that you're right? he became so because he knows how even though you will always love him ... love him ..care about him..
I'm not very good for the advice .. but I want you to think your life .. Do not be silly to wait for people like him .. yes ... I do not know anything about him because I did not know him ..
you're still young ... maybe he is not the best for you ... why you dont try give a chance to people who really love you solemnly sincere hearts ...
I pray that you meet with good mate and sincere love you ...I hope you're happy with your life..if you are happy .. I am also happy..
I'll always love u mok... mwahx!

p/s**sorry for my broken english... 

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